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We Duplicate Keys

We can supply and cut keys
for your Office, Home, or RV.

We Rekey Locks

Having concerns about the security of your Office, Home or RV?
We can rekey your locks and cut new keys to ensure you’re in control.

We Supply High Security Locking Systems

Does your home or business use a lock supplied through a local store in your area? Well the good news is that copies of your keys can be made at any business that duplicates keys. The bad news is that duplicates of your keys can be made without your permission.

For those who would like to improve the security of their home, office or business Restricted Keys are an option. Restricted keys prevent key duplication without permission. How? A Restricted Key and Lock system is controlled by you the Home or Business Owner and your Locksmith.  Keys are issued by your Locksmith to you (and others selected by you) to have access to your home or business. To copy the key, an individual must have your permission.Your keys can only be duplicated by your locksmith.

Key and Lock has obtained the GMS MX-10 Restricted Lock System for the Esterhazy Area. If you have questions. Please contact us. Key and Lock is a 24-hour professional locksmith service in the Esterhazy area.

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